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 EMS, Health, and Safety Instructor's Site

The site for CPR, EMS, and other health and safety trainers and coordinators...

Welcome! This site is dedicated to you, the CPR, EMS, or health/safety instructor/coordinator. It is filled with resources, tips, and products that we hope you will find helpful.

Some highlights from the site: 

Training Center™ Software - The ultimate utilities for managing your AHA, NSC, ASHI, and MFA courses. Versions for training agencies/centers, individual instructors, and training coordinators/officers.  Download the demo for free!


NEWEmergency Care Spoofs – Silly emergency care training industry anecdotes from the
odd minds of Less Stress Instructional Services employees. Play goofy games, videos, and
assorted CPR and First Aid sillyness.  Big instructor fun!


Instructor Liability Workshop – On-line training approved by NPG for a 10% discount on premiums.  Try it today!




CPR Simulator - Save the patient from the comfort of your computer


EMS Simulator - How good are you? Test your EMS skills on virtual ambulance calls...




On-Line Store - Check out new and innovative training products for instructors


"The Beat" - Our bi-weekly newsletter for instructors and coordinators.




Free Downloads - Grab some free resources to use in your classes!


The Message Board - Our bulletin board for instructors and coordinators





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