Massachusetts Good Samaritan Law

Note: MA has a number of laws providing exemption from liability to EMS and other medical personnel. Click here for the search results from the MA General Law Database

Chapter 111C: Section 14.

 Liability of emergency medical technicians, police officers or firefighters.

Section 14. No emergency medical technician certified under the provisions of this chapter and no police officer or firefighter, who in the performance of his duties and in good faith renders emergency first aid, including, but not limited to, the use of any semi-automatic or automatic external defibrillator or transportation to an injured person or to a person incapacitated by illness shall be personally in any way liable as a result of rendering such aid or as a result of transporting such person to a hospital or other safe place, nor shall he be liable to a hospital for its expenses if, under emergency conditions, he causes the admission of such person to said hospital.

 (Amended by 1998, 137, Sec. 1 eff. 8-26-98.)