About Less Stress Instructional Services

Less Stress is an independent training agency formed by John Mateus and Mary Rongo in 1994 for the purpose of providing EMT's with an easy way to renew their CPR qualification. It quickly became obvious, however, that there was a great need for emergency care and other training both on the level of the community at large and in the industry of pre-hospital care. So, the agency grew quickly into a still small but ever-changing entity serving several hospitals, long-term care facilities, schools and corporations. A variety of educational projects are available, ranging from emergency care to OSHA compliance to general health. Computer-based training has been a very successful outlet for us and we plan on adding more programs to our store and seeking additional distribuition channels.

The agency now employs its original two full-time staff members and a list of over two dozen per diem instructors of varying expertise.

The 'Internet Project' is currently one of the most exciting things on the burner right now. We have several URL's which correspond to the different services we offer:

Main Less Stress Instructional Services Site - http://www.LessStress.com

Section on OSHA Compliance, Industrial Health & Safety - http://www.osha-safety.com

CPR Simulator - http://www.cprsim.com

CPR Training and Courses - http://www.cpr-training-courses.com

Contact Information:

Less Stress Instructional Services
138 Buena Vista Ave
Hawthorne, NJ 07506
Tel: (973) 427-9692 * (888) 277-3671 * (888) CPR-EMS1
Fax: (973) 427-6090
E-Mail: jmateus@lessstress.com

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