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 Nationwide AED Medical Control Services

In partnership with our affiliate, Global Medical Systems, we are now offering physician oversight for AED programs anywhere in the United States.  The program includes:

a. Initial prescription for each device
b. Annual review and approval of the training program submitted to GMS for review.
c. Protocols for AED use during a sudden cardiac arrest.
d. Annual review of policies and procedures pertaining to the AED units at location(s) herein
submitted by the client to GMS.
e. Assistance in preparation of applications for federal and state registrations.
f. Telephone consultations on AED program, available from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. M-F (PST),  
access 24 by 7 for urgent calls. (An urgent call is defined as a call that pertains to
         an actual recent
AED use on a patient victim.)
g. Data analysis of cardiac arrest incidents and forwarding data to state EMS where required
         by state
h. Periodic review of Federal and State statutes in all locations where AEDs are located
provided by client)

Physician oversight for your AED project need not be expensive - here is a breakdown of costs:

Medical Direction, per year, per AED:

1-9 units, per AED, 1 year term:       $125.00
10-19 units, per AED, 1 year term:    $115.00
20+ units, per AED, 1 year term:       $100.00

1-9 units, per AED, 3 year term:       $340.00
10-19 units, per AED, 3 year term:    $315.00
20+ units, per AED, 3 year term:       $275.00

For additional information about AED medical direction, contact us at (888) 277-3671 or via email at jmateus@lessstress.com.


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