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 Emergency Care Spoofs

What happens when work gets slow and instructors go idle?

They fill their time making goofy games for the amusement of their colleagues.  Below are some of Less Stress Instructional Service’s comedic spoofs of the training industry.  They are parodies of the various accrediting bodies, products, courses, training levels, manufacturers, and other players in modern emergency care.  They are for entertainment value only – if we parodied you or your employer, please accept our good-natured apology in advance…

Current Spoofs: 

Ross Legad Against the Manikins The world has been overrun by evil CPR manikins bent on enslaving humanity.  CPR instructors have been placed in chains, and all hope lies in Ross Legad, super-instructor, to rise up and defeat the manikins in an action tale of instructor heroism.  GAME – Exe file


CPR ECC 2005 – The new CPR Guidelines of 2005 are an exciting milestone in resuscitation science.  This is the (fake) trailer for the 2005 conference that will air on TV with all the new changes to CPR, ACLS, and PALS. VIDEO – WMV file























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