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Freeware from Less Stress Instructional Services!

As a service to our clients we have added some CPR simulators (adult and infant), a Variable Outcome CPR/AED/Oxygen Simulation, and the demo of the "Mortimer's Sickday, the Solo Adventures of Bob Czagrinki" to our site for download and distribution (non-commercial only). You have the right to distribute these simulators at will as long as it is not packaged for distribution with another product, sold, or otherwise used in a commercial way. You can place them on disk, e-mail them to your friends, or install them without limit as long as:

a) you agree to non-commercial use discussed above

b) you do not alter the program in any way

c) you hold Less Stress harmless for any damages to computer hardware/software caused as a result of the program

Other simulators in Win95 will be available soon for purchase in the Less Stress store.

Download Adult CPR Demo (715K)

Download Infant CPR Demo (1330K)

Download Pre-Hospital Care Simulator Win95 Demo (1,242K)

Download the demo of "Mortimer's Sickday: the Solo Adventures of Bob Czagrinski" (1,401K)


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